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Words to consider: 

Dance Avondale is a positive and safe learning environment. The faculty is committed to utilizing positive discipline tactics in the classroom. All students are required to behave with kindness and respect toward the instructors and other students in the classroom. Discriminatory language, disruptive and unsafe behavior of any kind by students or their families is strictly prohibited and will result in dismissal from the school. 


Our tuition prices have increased from $11.00 per instructional hour to $13.00 per instructional hour and $15.00 for aerial silks classes. This increase reflects the costs of our beautiful new facility, professional teaching artists, and new classes. Dance Avondale charges per session, the fall session is historically the longest session and winter and spring sessions are a shorter length. Payment plans are always available for every dance family. Please reach out to Ms. Alia ( if your family would benefit from paying incrementally for classes at Dance Avondale. 

Dress code: 

Ballet and Twinkle Toes

  • Students are required to wear black or pink leotards with either black, nude or pink tights. Small tutus or wrap skirts are permitted. Students can also wear black leggings or biker shorts with a white fitted t-shirt or tank top. Ballet shoes are always required and Dance Avondale prefers no-tie, split-sole ballet slippers. For students in Twinkle Toes, ballet shoes and tap shoes are required for class. No socks. 


Jazz, Tap, and Hip Hop

  • Students are required to wear black leggings or black dance pants and a black or white fitted top like a leotard, tank top, or workout shirt. Fitted clothing is required. Jazz shoes are required for jazz, tap shoes are required for tap and dance sneakers are preferred for hip-hop. No socks.


Creative Movement

  • All students are asked to wear fitted clothing that can include leotards but they are not required. Costumes and pajamas are prohibited. Bare feet or ballet slippers are required. No socks.

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